Structure of the temple

It has got all the salient features of a Mahakshethra, Beautiful sanctum sanctorum  that is round in shape, Namaskara Mandapam, Chuttampalam (errection on the four sides of the sanctum sanctorum), Balickalpura, Dhwaja (The devine Flag stag built in Bronze).  Nadappanthal (or Annakkottil), considerably large and open on all sides, ornamental front (on the west side).  Another entrance Tower on the east side (back) which is more ornamented than the other, Chuttumathil (Great surrounding wall of conventional style) Oottupura (tradition dinning hall) Office room store room for paddy and other things a great bath on the eastern side and a Nadappanthal at the west end of the temple Maidan in the front outside the surrounding wall are the main parts.  The roofs of the sanctum sanctorum and Mandapam are covered with copper plates.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India