Origin of the temple

The origin of the temple is attached to Perunthanathu Unni, a Brahmin boy, undergoing the Brahmanic discipline after the sacred karma, of upanayana.  Unni the Brahmin Boy, in the course of (Brahmacharia) first consecrated a chatturbahu Vishnu Vigraha (an idol of Vishnu with four arms) on the inner doorstep of his neighbouring family, the head of which, namely Cheruvally Nair, who had done much for the ex-communication and extinction of Unni’s family.  So, this consecration can be seen as a mild and intelligent revenge.  Unni, with his impressing personality and sublime quantities, became a good friend of the king of Kerala (a king of the Chera dynasty).  It was this king who had given him the devine idol.  A landed plot near the Temple, known as Perunthanathu, and some rituals still conducted in the temple, are supporting factors to the legend.  Cheruvally Nair and his family had to leave the village when the temple was constructed.

There were some seventeen or eighteen Brahmine families who became the trustees (Ooralans)  of the temple.  The existing Brahmin Families that have trusteeship of the temple are Plappally, Chempakanalloor, Kaippally, Varathara and Parappally.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India