Prathishta Sankalpam
(The mood in which the Diety is consecrated)

The Prethishta Vigraha (the idol) is that of Chanthurbahu Vishnu (Lord Vishnu with four arms) facing the west.  But the mood of the Diety is traditionally believed to be that of Narasimha who got pleased with Prahlada by his sthuthies (praising) with ardent devotion.  Though Narasimha is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu with intens fury (against Adharma), here the deity is extremely benevolent and eager to bless His Devotees.  People ardently mention the Deity as Manganathappan (Lord and Protector who is worshipped in the village of Manganam)  Punaprathishta karama ( ceremony of re-consecration)  was done in 1975.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India