(Order of daily Pujas and offerings)

Everyday, the temple is opened at 5.30 AM.  Nirmalya Darsanam, Abhishekam and Malar Nivedyam are followed by Usha Nivedyam which occurs before  sun rise.        Prabhathapooja (Pooja in the morning), Uchappooja (Pooja at Noon), Deeparadhana in the evening (Arathy) and Athazhapooja (Final pooja of a day after sun set) are the parts of the routine worship.  The temple closes at 8 PM on normal days.

The important offering is ‘Ada’ or ‘Valsan’ a different type of modaka made by mixing rice flower, jiggery, coconut kernel, ghee and powdered dried ginger, all covered in plantain  leaves and cooked in steams.  This offering can be conducted at different scales.  “Charakilada”, the offering at its full scale – is believed to be highly pleasing to the deity.  “Palpayasom” and “Pizhinju payasom” are also important offerings.  Other offerings like ‘Archana’, Neyvilaku’  etc. common in other Vishnu Temples, are also conducted here.    Members of Kavanattu Amellor Mana from Eringalakuda are the Thanthries (all in all authority of all kind of Poojas in a temple).  Brahmasri. O.N. Rajan Nampoothiri of Ottoor Mekkat Mana, also from Eringalakuda is the Poojari (Priest) at present.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India