1. Archana/Pushpanjali
  2. Payasom – Rice with jiggery or Rice with milk & sugar
  3. Igniting lamp with ghee (Neyvilaku)
  4. Thulasimala (garland)
  5. Chandanam Charthu – covering the body of the idol with chandanam (partially or wholly)
  6. Igniting Aluvilaku
  7. Ganapathyhomam – Igniting chuttvilakku
  8. Panthirunazhy Nivedyam – Nivedyam made out of 12 ¼ Edangazhy Rice (about 10 kg Rice)
  9. Chathushatham – A kind of Payasom made out of 25¼ edangazhy rice, 25¼ Kg of jiggery, 101 Kadali plantain, ghee, dried ginger powder and milk from 101 coconuts.
  10.  Appom (Only on Thiruvonam Day) -  a kind of Modakam made out of powdered Rice, Jaggery & Ghee
  11. Thrimadhuram
  12. One day pooja – The entire pooja’s of a day.
  13.  Bhagavathiseva          -           Pooja offered to devine Durga
  14. Kalabham – Abhishekam with cahandanam
  15. Kadaliplantain Nivedyam – This can be done daily offering one kadaliplantain Daily
  16. Udayasthamaya Pooja – Twentyone Pujas a day with Sreebhoothabali (doing Poojas to the Parivaras of the main Deity)
  17. Panakam – a sweet liquid made out of Jiggery dried ginger power, all dissolved in hot water
  18. Charakilada - The most important offering – Making Ada (Valsan) with 25 ¼ Edangazhy rice power, 25 ¼ Jaggery 1 Kg each of ghee, Dried ginger powder and cumin powder.  It is cooked in steam in a (kitchen) Thidappally outside the temple by Nampoothiri Ladies and is taken to the temple in large bronze vessels by Nampoothiris with Sanku and Panchavadyam.  It is distributed among the devotees present in the Temple after conducting poojas.  Small scale Adas are also conducted.  The Charakilada or small scale Ada, both have to be offered using the flowers on the chethi growing on the elevated thara, (plat form) north of Mandapam for the last so many years.  It is believed that the first Ada Nivedyam was offered using the flowers from this chethi plant.
  19. Nama Japam – With Annadanam – This is conducted in the temple on every first Thursday of the month (Malayalam month).  Devotees can offer Namajapam also by contacting temple Authorities.

    For subordinate Deities (Upa Devathas)

    For Mahadeva                  -           Purakil vilaku, Dhara, Abhishekam with water,
    milk, tender coconut
    For Sastha (Ayyappan)-               Ellupayasom, Neeranjanam
    For Maha Ganapathy       -           Karukamala and breaking of coconuts
    For Kavil Bhagavathy    -             Pizhingapayasom, Kdumpayasom and
    Lalithasahasranamam Archana.

    N.B:  There is provision for conducting Choroonu, Thulabharam and Vidyarambham for little children.  Adults can conduct marriage ceremony also at the temple.  Devotees may contact temple Authorities for details of conducting this Vazhipadu.  You have to get the receipt for each and every vazhipadu by paying the money prescribed for the same.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India