Financial Details

The temple was adequately rich in the past having sufficient area of land, mainly paddy fields which were given in lease.  This temple like others in Kerala was deprived off the possessions of the landed property that was given in lease.  Traditionally by the implementation of the Land Reforms Act passed by the Kerala State Assembly in 1959.  The temple at present receives a small amount annually as ‘annuity’ from the Government, which was fixed at a price rate of Rs. 3/- per para (about 6 kgs of paddy) in early sixties.  This amount, as everybody knows is hardly sufficient to run the routines, even for a week.  Income from the offerings by devotees is the main financial resource at present, which is just sufficient for routine expenses at minimum rates.  For Annual festivals and special activities including the maintenance works, donations are to be received from devotees.

Some parts of the structure, like, oottupara office, arch tower of the eastern entrance need immediate renovation.  Much has to be done for restoring the previous glory of the temple devotees can join the attempts for the overall development of this ancient institution by giving all sorts of supports like money and manpower.  Thousands of people find asylum at the lotus feet of the deity – Sree Narasimhaswami.  Let us pray for His Blessings.

Managanam, Kerala State, South India